Wednesday, June 6, 2012

... And we're back!

So it occurs to me that it's been a while, and maybe you missed me or maybe not, but I left you hanging... and that's just rude. So here goes... China in a slightly bigger nutshell than usual...

Shanghai looked like something out of a comic book. And these were the hotels and office buildings that would give Gotham City a run for its money. With the rain and the fog and the ominous Sheraton Hotel looking like something out of Lord of the Rings. So it was Gotham City and all I got was the best damn rain poncho from H&M there. I think I still owe Ayesha for that. Took a day trip to a romantic tea garden village. It was like something out of a movie, so beautiful. A boat ride in the light fog with the pagodas in the distance. The kids enjoying 2cent whistles and roasted corn.

Xi'an was next. "A very small city... only 6 million people..." explains our tour guide. The city walls are remarkable, and the history of this country weighs on you a little. We take it in as we say prayers and make dua at one of the oldest masjids in China. The prayer hall's wooden walls are etched with the Holy Qur'an in its entirety. The tomb of the first emporer of China and his legions of terra cotta soldiers continue to amaze. But it is a toy sword that has occupied our attention for most of the day and subsequently became a fixture in pictures on the trip. I can't leave this paragraph without mentioning the 100 year-old dumpling place we went to. Best. Dumplings. Ever.

It was onto Beijing from there. The city's 30 million people make the likes of New York and LA look like the boonies. The famed Bird's Nest featured in the '08 Olympics was overwhelming to behold. The guides told us that now it plays host to government approved concerts and soccer matches. And while I understood the gravity of our journey here but the feeling of homesickness had fallen over me.

We went back to Singapore for some R&R before yet another 24hr trip back to Houston. It was truly incredible and I'm so pumped for the next trip!

Incidentally... the next trip is in three, yes, THREE days. We're off to Turkey and I promise I won't leave you hanging with how it went.

Till next time...
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